Discovery Park is proud to support a campaign that could see UK charities receive more funds. Ramsgate-based entrepreneur, Blair Papworth, launched Call4Charities four years ago.

In 2012, the top four mobile phone network operators achieved 77.6 million connections in the UK alone – over 13 million more than the population of the UK. The resulting massive profits are then enjoyed by the provider of the network. As with any business – profits generally, after capital investment and public funding, are distributed to business stakeholders and shareholders through healthy dividends and generous bonuses. This means that a mere handful of individuals are reaping personal rewards from the huge profits generated by these multi-national corporations.

At the moment, that’s where your money goes. And as the mobile economy grows the figures can only get bigger. Globally, the figure is set to soar to 9.7* billion by 2017. Now – just imagine if those massive profits for the few could be used to better effect, by being diverted to charitable organisations, without any extra cost to the user.

Calls4Charities is a not-for-profit organisation that is proposing to shape a new kind of network that will divert potentially massive profits from the pockets of the few – and redistribute funds through automatic donations to our UK charities. This is a socially responsible initiative, and one that thousands of people have already shown interest in. Calls4Charities is a simple idea that helps save lives by putting much-needed money into the hands of those that can really benefit from it. Blair’s endless dedication to the cause is admirable, but now she needs your help.

Blair said: “The campaign needs 100,00 votes to demonstrate to HM Government that we have the power of the people behind us to generate a Public Debate in House of Commons. Please support our campaign by giving us your vote“

She added: “100,00 signatures will enable us to generate recognition and support from Government, gain the promised Government backing and move forward with our partners to launch this unique and revolutionary service for the benefit of everyone.”

To sign the petition, please go to Call4Charities website - the form takes less than 20 seconds to fill in and could make a huge difference to whether this initiative is passed.

Why it will work:

  • We see it as an essential ‘social utility’, a public service
  • A responsible way to manage your mobile device usage
  • A minimum of 10% of all monthly spend through mobile devices will go straight to a charity of your choice
  • Potentially, UK charities could benefit by £millions every year
  • This holds huge appeal for thousands of people with a social conscience
  • By changing your mobile provider to Calls4Charities, you will need to do nothing except sign up and choose your preferred charity. We will do the rest for you
  • There will be no change in behaviour and no extra cost to you
  • This is the future of mobile phone networking
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