Journey’s end approaches for Coxless Crew Meg

Posted on 13/01/16

Meg Dyos conquers the Pacific Ocean

Meg Dyos, an estate agent with Discovery Park tenant Miles and Barr is nearing the end of her epic journey - rowing 2,810 miles from Samoa to Cairns, Australia.

The 25-year-old from Broadstairs is part of the Coxless Crew, a group of women who set out in April from San Francisco with a fundraising target of £250,000 for charities, Walking with the Wounded and Breast Cancer Care.

Meg joined the team in October for the final stage of the 8,500 mile charity challenge. They are now less than a week away - conditions at sea permitting - from their final destination.

Discovery Park has done its bit for the cause donating £1,000 to the fundraising appeal.

Kimberley Anderson, Corporate Relations Manager, Discovery Park, said: “We love a good challenge here at Discovery Park and this one is so inspiring. The shareholders here at Discovery Park were so impressed by this team’s efforts to raise funds.

“We understand what this journey means to the crew and it will be such an achievement for them.”

Below we have posted an excerpt from a blog she wrote from ‘Doris’ (the name of the boat) on Tuesday, 12 January. To read the full entry,visit the Coxless Crew website

Day 64 – ‘Nearly’

Nearly, nearly, nearly. It’s a word that we have heard throughout this leg of the journey. From the moment we left Samoa, embarking on the 3rd leg of this adventure and we were ‘nearly’ there.

According to the kindle dictionary that we have on Doris, the word nearly is defined as ‘very close to; almost’. So I suppose in terms of the rest of the journey, leaving Samoa and from every day since then we have been nearer to Cairns than the day before.

But now, when looking at our chart plotter, and being able to see Cairns on the same page as Doris, can quite easily fool the mind into thinking that we are close to arriving.

We still have at least another seven days on Doris, equating to a minimum of another 84 hours on the oars. So to put it into perspective, with 350 miles still to cover, we have the equivalent of approximately 18 English channels to cross!

Our parents are all on their way to, or are in Australia already. Here’s to hoping we don’t keep everybody waiting too long.

Update: Today I ate porridge for supper! Porridge! As our savoury options begin to lessen, and the sugar diet commences we are trudging along waiting for more direct Easterly winds and less current to carry us to Cairns one stroke at a time. Oceania are you hearing us bebbey, push us please!

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