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Posted on 14.07.2014

A company that extracts venom from some of the most deadly species of spiders, snakes and scorpions on the planet has moved their laboratory to Discovery Park in Sandwich, Kent.

Venomtech Ltd was founded in 2010 and extracts venom from creatures to be used in medicine discovery and development, including pain relief drugs. The company presently employs four members of full-time staff and has three non-executive directors.

Their operation has moved from a facility in the Kent Enterprise Hub, Canterbury to Discovery Park in a bid to further their business prospects. The centre is Europe’s leading science and technology park and Venomtech will take advantage of the high-tech facilities, strong science community and proximity to the Continent, where 75% of their business comes from. Discovery Park is currently home to 82 businesses.

Venomtech will be familiar to Kent residents, having previously appeared in BBC4’s ‘Pain, Pus and Poison’ television programme. As dangerous as the creatures Venomtech work with are, the job is not as risky as it seems and the team are pioneers in health and safety in the world of animal-handling. They pride themselves on respecting the animals, avoiding direct contact with them, and work with professional institutions to improve safety measures across the country.

Steven Trim, Venomtech’s founder and Managing Director, lives in Ramsgate and sees the move as a ‘homecoming’, having previously worked on the site for pharmaceutical company and tenant at the science park, Pfizer.

Commenting on the move, he said: “The facilities at Discovery Park really attracted us to move Venomtech here; we’ve progressed from a teaching laboratory to an up-scale pharmaceuticals laboratory. Our company’s potential and possibilities are ideally situated to be realised here and it’s a more professional environment to show our customers.”

Several companies on the site are familiar to Venomtech, having worked together previously. Scott Vincent, Logistics Director of clinical analysis and logistics firm, A4PBio, was pleased when he heard that the venom specialists were moving on-site, he said: “I think, like most people, when faced with a box full of some of the world’s most toxic venom, my instinct is to step back! Presenting this for transportation can certainly pose a number of challenges, but it has been excellent working closely with the Venomtech team over the past two years and seeing their growth. Venomtech is a truly innovative business for East Kent and a fascinating product being developed right here at Discovery Park.”

Anna Stone, Leasing Manager at Discovery Park said: “We are pleased that Venomtech have decided to relocate to our thriving science community.

“Our site is attracting a large amount of interest from both national and international companies and we are dedicated to creating a thriving business community in the heart of Sandwich.”

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