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Posted on 08.01.2015

Students from the University of Portsmouth used Europe’s leading science and technology park, Discovery Park, as their filming location to recreate a scene from 80s cult classic, Back to the Future.

The ambitious students, who formed production company 27th Floor Studios, started filming on the 7th January in Discovery Park’s car park. 27th Floor Studios recreated the scene where Doc Brown shows Marty McFly, originally played by Michael Fox, the core component of the DeLorean time machine, the flux capacitor. The original scene is set at the Twin Pines Mall car park and features the spirited moment Doc first reveals his time machine. The Discovery Park car park in Sandwich provided the students with the space and privacy they needed to film the outdoor scene.

It’s not the first time that Discovery Park has been featured on the big screen. Scenes from Brad Pitt’s zombie blockbuster World War Z were filmed in Discovery Park’s laboratories back in 2012.

27th Floor Studios is working in conjunction with Back to the Future community fan group, The Hill Valley Preservation Society, to raise funds for The Michael J Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research. The film, which will premier online via 27th Floor Studios’ Facebook page, will encourage viewers to donate to the cause. The film will be available to watch from Friday 16th January.

Director Matthew Harrison and producer Alejandro Carapuig led the production of the remake. Mathew Harrison also stars as Marty McFly alongside Ian Fitzgerald who plays Doc Brown.

Reflecting on the project Mathew Harrison said:

“We’re huge fans of the film, so when our university tasked us to remake a scene from a popular movie it was a no brainer to choose Back to the Future. It’s been a lot of fun filming the scene at Discovery Park and being able to use the project to raise money for an incredible charity was a real bonus.”

The DeLorean featured in the project originally came from the Hollywood movie set. The iconic car is now owned by a Kent resident who was happy to see the DeLorean be used in a remake shot in his home county.

Funding for the project was raised via kickstarter, where the students rapidly gained support and raised nearly £500 more than their target.

Anna Stone, Leasing Manager at Discovery Park, said: “It’s been fantastic having the students on-site and the Discovery Park team was thrilled we could help them realise their creative vision. We wish them the best of luck for their future in the film industry.”

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