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Posted on 02.04.2015

Playtime has arrived at Discovery Park in Sandwich with the opening of a new fun space for tenants to get together and share ideas.

The Playroom opened to tenants on Thursday, 2nd April as an early Easter weekend surprise. It promises to add a whole new twist to staff networking time.

Cassie Elswood, trainee accountant at Kreston Reeves, attended the launch. She said: “I think that the playroom is going to give tenants a bit more space to socialise and interact with each other. We can all come here and chat in an informal environment.”

Sean Brady, creative director at Redcape Productions, said: “It’s a nice place to come and relax and it’s important to take a step back from work. I think it’s a good place for businesses to speak to other businesses as well, as it’s more relaxed than a formal networking session.”

Renata Harmadyova, tenant liaison at Discovery Park, said: “The playroom will be a great area for informal meetings, networking sessions or even just time out of the office.

“We have installed a pool table and a table tennis table; there’s a Nintendo Wii to play on and a Scalextric racing car set. We even have our own beach decking area.

“Tenants can also bond and exchange ideas over a game of air hockey or indoor golf with a chill out area to think through afternoon presentations in comfort.

“Discovery Park has quickly built a reputation as a place where businesses work together, collaborating and sharing to get the best results. It is why the site has become successful so quickly.

“This is yet another example of what can be achieved by working in that way and we are very grateful to all of our tenants that have donated or sponsored the items in the Playroom.”

The following tenants have helped to make the Playroom happen: WWMIT Solutions; Mayburn International Ltd; Pillory Barn; Big Red; Miles and Barr; KBOHS, Business Computer Solutions; New Appointments Group; Hornby; Betteridge and Milsom; Kent Office Solutions and Kudos Interiors.

Correction! James from @_SterlingCross_ (not @topvillas - sorry!) has won the Table Tennis Tournament for a third t……
Our table tennis tournament is in full swing! Come down for the final at 3PM! #DPTenantCommunity
If you're planning on attending this great event, you'll be able to park up at DP + get a bus into town.… #community