Venomtech works with CCCU on search for new antibiotics

Posted on 04/08/16

The growing resistance of bacterial infections to the current crop of antibiotics has hit the headlines many times over recent years.

It had led to an explosion in research to find the next generation of anti-microbial drugs that will ensure diseases like tuberculosis - virtually eradicated in the developed world - are kept at bay for generations to come.

Discovery Park is among the centres where pioneering research is taking place, including an ongoing collaboration between biotech specialist Venomtech and the School of Life Sciences at Canterbury Christ Church University.

Steve Trim, Managing Director, Venomtech, explains:

“We collaborate with CCCU on a number of projects, including this investigation exploring whether certain types of venom can be used to >create new forms of antibiotics.

“This research has confirmed there is potential in this area, with particular venoms identified that appear to be suitable, which is very exciting.

“Finding those venoms is the easy part, the more complex phase is now underway with researchers at CCCU analysing what active components of venom - and there are many - is at play. That is now their focus.”

This part of the research is expected to last a few months, the outcome of which will be watched closely by the wider scientific community.

It is not the only area of joint research between CCCU and Venomtech, with the university’s Industry Liaison Lab the nerve centre for a PhD study into the potential for venom into the production of new treatments for pancreatic cancer.

Venomtech and CCCU will be featured in a ITV Meridian report on their search for new antibiotics set for broadcast at 6.30pm on Friday, August 5.

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