Unity Medica - our first event

Posted on 18/12/14

After two months in the StartUp Zone, we were in a position to hold our first Cartilage Regeneration course for UK surgeons and clinicians. Due to the cutting-edge nature of our products, we needed a venue to reflect our brand.

I settled on The Shard in London which, apart from being easy to find (!), has great transport links. It was a sunny day and even half way up on the 34th floor, we were higher than the London Eye. The views across the city were spectacular and helped set the tone. The meeting achieved 100% capacity and surgeons travelled from as far as Manchester and Exeter to find out more about our technologies.

The talks given by Professor Shetty and Dr Bilagi were well received and there was much interested debate. Two weeks on we have had a Health Economics paper published recognising the cost advantages of our technique vs. Knee Replacement for Osteoarthritis patients and we are now seeing our CCR product going to its first NHS hospital committee for validation.

I am hopeful that it will be successful and that further NHS hospitals will begin to take a confident view on MCIC Cartilage Regeneration Vs traditional arthroplasty procedures. All in all, I would rate our first Unity Medica event to be a successful one.

Written by Unity Medica

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