The benefits of going paperless

Posted on 10/03/16

Although at Clinco we love paper and will always be working with hard copies at the ordering stage of collation, we have come to appreciate the benefits of electronic records. They make for a tidier and more organised office environment, are easier to access and transfer, and can be navigated very easily (especially with a detailed annotation – get in touch to ask more if you are not sure what this is or how it works).

Electronic records are much easier to send out to counsel or experts, or disclose to the other side. For the times when a hard copy set really is needed it can be printed – Clinco can do this for you at less cost than you can do it yourselves, by the way – and clean, complete sets of records are there every time – no missing pages or degraded photocopies.

Like to keep your own hard copy set of the records? No reason why not, alongside the electronic version; you will have all the benefits of the electronic set and need only file and organise one set of the records (perhaps choosing to do this with cases under a certain size, or which have reached a certain stage).

Older experts may prefer hard copies and again, no reason why not on an occasional basis (the printing cost will not be prohibitive and of course you will want to look after your experts by accommodating their preferences). Counsel wanting hard copies could reasonably expect to print them themselves.

Clinco Paperless, which works closely with Clinco (and is literally next door), has a dedicated team which takes care of all aspects of the paperless office and will convert, annotate and transfer all hard copy legal documents to electronic versions which are easy to work with – whether on a case by case basis, or even a whole office at a time.

Clinco’s main work continues to be meticulous case preparation and collation of records in complex cases but we have all the administrative resources to manage those documents electronically – all part of the same mission to take the case forward.

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