Tenants come together for BioGateway networking event

Posted on 21/01/16

Discovery Park got collaborative today as tenants from across the site came together to discuss ways of linking up to put Kent on the map for life sciences.

BioGateway, the county’s new professional network of life science companies, associations and institutes held a special networking session at Innovation House on Thursday morning.

We caught up with Imran Khan, the network’s CEO, about the day and news about what’s coming up for the network over the coming months.

What is the BioGateway?

The BioGateway is a professional network of life science companies, associations and institutes which aim to support the scientific, clinical and academic interests of its constitute members.

Its ambition is to build Europe’s most complete life science network and create an environment which will stimulate and enhance evolution and success

What was the event all about?

As with most of our events, we are looking to engage individuals, companies and organisations within science across the spectrum to promote collaborations and partnerships to innovate and develop science.

Today’s event was specifically about the support available to individuals and companies through the Royal Society of Chemistry. This encompasses support from networking opportunities, accreditation to resources and funding.

It was also an opportunity to identify with companies that have already benefited from working with the RSC and potentially envisage how they themselves as an individual or as a company work with the RSC.

How did you feel today went? I’d say the initial feedback was very positive – I’d say what was most pleasing for us as the BioGateway was that many of the attendees was very aware of what the RSC do but possibly haven’t worked with them previously as it wasn’t as accessible in the Kent area which is what we are doing here at the BioGateway. We are making science accessible to help enable the growth and development of science.

What have you got coming up? We have various events we are working on – from service providers supporting the growth of science looking at new patents for innovative science, to R&D tax relief opportunities in the UK, to collaborative events with European networks.

So there are a lot of exciting events that we are looking to roll out and hope today was one of many great networking events to promote and grow the scientific network here in Kent.

How can people get in touch? Email 01304 728577 or visit

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