Starting a chocolate revolution at Discovery Park

Posted on 22/03/16

Choculution chocolates

Chocolution, a UK leader in chocolate education workshops, is releasing an exciting new range of fine craft chocolate products available online and here at Discovery Park.

Handmade at Discovery Park, Sandwich, the range of four craft chocolate varieties includes 70% dark and 50% milk chocolates made using Ecuadorian cacao, as well as 70% dark and 50% milk Peruvian chocolates. With other origin chocolates soon to be available.

Made using only the highest quality cacao beans and cane sugar, with no additional flavours or preservatives, the chocolates capture the unique flavours of the cacao used to make them. Vegan and lactose-intolerant consumers in particular will love the dark chocolates, which contain no dairy or animal products.

Chocolution founder and head chocolatier, Kieran Renihan, believes the new range of chocolates will offer consumers in East Kent an important alternative to the sugary, mass-produced chocolates available on supermarket shelves.

“The chocolate we produce in small batches is a completely different product from the confectionary that most of us grow up with,” Renihan said. “By using only the best quality cacao and natural ingredients, we’re showcasing the wide range of natural flavours and using small batch production we are able to better preserve the health benefits of cacao.”

“We want to be part of a ‘chocolate revolution’ in the UK by making this kind of healthy, rich-flavoured chocolate the rule, not the exception.”

Renihan, who worked previously as a secondary school teacher, first discovered the magic of proper chocolate in 2005, on a journey deep into the Peruvian Amazon. He learnt how chocolate was used medicinally and spiritually by indigenous Mesoamerican peoples, and was so inspired by the potential that he quit his job, became a chocolatier and created Chocolution in 2009.

Renihan’s associate, Ruairidh Wilkinson, is currently in Bolivia on a research mission, in conjunction with Kew Gardens, looking at the viability of sustainably harvesting wild cacao to help protect the surrounding rainforest. Chocolution will be making chocolate from this wild cacao during the workshops.

Chocolution have been delivering workshops in partnership with RBG Kew for the previous five years. This year they will be presenting a sensory exploration of the bean-to-bar craft chocolate making process. The workshop is hosted by Kew Gardens, and runs from March 25 to April 10.

If you’re interested in stocking one of Chocolution’s raw chocolate products, or would like to organise/attend a Chocolution workshop, please contact Kieran at at or on 07846094220.

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