Customer Care, the Discovery Park way!

Posted on 19/12/14

Staff here at Discovery Park were lucky enough to receive some top class customer care and team building training this month. Delivering an exceptional customer experience is important to us and we are always looking at how we can improve customer service.

Rosy Hepworth Aguilar from Smile led the training in this highly interactive session which used role play, music and sensory tools to stimulate learning, Rosy has worked with the likes of Bounty, Anglia Railways and Etihad Airways, since setting up her training consultancy in 1998.

Here are Rosy’s top five tips on how to achieve outstanding customer care:

Great customer care stems from attitude and behaviour

A positive attitude leads to positive behaviour and experiences. Consider your approach to a Monday morning – if you come to work in a negative state of mind, it’s more than likely your working week to follow will be challenging and unproductive, both for yourself and those you work alongside. Conversely, bringing a positive attitude to the workplace, being eager to learn and improve is likely to lead to more fulfilling, productive and rewarding work.

Work as a team

When I asked the training group how many teams they have at Discovery Park, I was delighted that after some discussion they came to the conclusion there was ‘one team’. A team approach generally leads to staff delivering higher quality work, faster, plus there are added benefits of mutual support and the accomplishment of completing a task with others. I observed so many networking opportunities at Discovery Park – team members meeting with people from different departments, finding out what they are doing, what their customers want, all of which leaves staff more knowledgeable and therefore more able to meet customers’ needs.

Break the mould

Discovery Park has an innovative attitude where everyone is a guest, and is treated accordingly, with respect, care and attention to ensure their needs as a customer are met. It’s this philosophy which led to Discovery Park’s reception staff being called ‘welcome hosts’, rather than ‘receptionists’.

Similarly, I showed the Discovery Park team an inspiring DVD of the Pike Place Fish Market in Seattle which turned its fortunes around by revolutionising its customer experience, evolving it from a traditional behind-the-counter sales approach to an world famous theatrical experience where the sellers literally throw the fish around to entertain customers, capture their attention and ultimately sell them the fish.

Don’t just do it, know why you are doing it

Take time to ask yourself the reasons for delivering customer care. The Discovery Park team came up with a wealth of really positive reasons why they do – from job satisfaction, opportunities for promotion, sense of pride, wanting to please customers and get them to recommend Discovery Park, to stand out from other companies and much more. Consider too the impact on colleagues of your attitude.

The staff I spoke to really want to be here – this shows when talking to customers and colleagues, and is infectious! Try to consider the impact on colleagues of your attitude, positive and negative.

Keep learning and wanting to improve

Customer care moves on all the time – so we don’t assume that just because you did a course a few years ago, you know everything there is to know. We can always learn more and improve. Be curious, consider how you do things and if they could be improved, talk to others about how they do it and keep striving to do better.

Rosy delivers customer care training across the UK, based on the concept All the World’s a Stage besides a range of other soft skill topics including It’s a Wonderful Life, a brand new three day programme covering interpersonal, teambuilding, leadership and communication skills. There is also a sister programme to this called The Power of Positive Thinking!

A favourite for a unique team building experience is Cooking with your Colleagues, a cross between Ready Steady Cook and the Apprentice, based around negotiating, creative thinking, time management, leadership and organisational skills.

A Magical Mystery Tour is a one day introduction to change management programme, I Can See You Naked which looks at presentation skills and Motivate your Team.

Get in touch with Rosy at

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