Big Red Branding’s MD is eco-friendly car enthusiast

Posted on 28/07/16

As Discovery Park prepares to welcome the public along to its Electric Vehicle Demonstration Day, where the latest in electric car technology will be on display, we caught up with branding guru, Dave Tappy, who is an eco-driven enthusiast.

Managing Director at Big Red Branding, in Innovation House, Dave is one of many who has made the lifestyle change and decided to opt for an electric vehicle in April.

Since doing so, the new Nissan Leaf has not only had a positive effect on Dave’s lifestyle, but he’s noticed a huge change to his financial situation, too.

He said: “I think I save more than £200 a month – looking at what I used to shell out on diesel, or petrol, it’s quite an incredible saving. Plus, there’s no road tax or oil changes needed, and zero congestion charge when I drive to London – for me it’s a much more viable choice.”

Just as each latest Apple product has all of the newest technology, an electric car moves with the times, and for those thinking that they wouldn’t be able to get far enough in them, the most popular batteries currently in the vehicles allow for a 150-mile range – set to increase to 250 miles as the norm next year.

Dave said that before making the jump, he charged up his knowledge on the situation.

“I found out around 90% of people only drive 38-miles on their commute, and with chargers now so easily accessible, at home or in the workplace, it’s a no-brainer.”

“An economic driver can have a charger installed in their home and leave their car to charge overnight, just as they would with their mobile phones, and with electricity providers now adjusting their policies to make room for it, the financial benefits are fantastic.”

Not only this, but Dave claims that it’s forward thinking and eventually there will be an influx of electric vehicles, eventually making petrol cars redundant.

“In a number of European countries, including Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Holland, electric cars are more popular, and Norway will will ban the sale of all fossil fuel-based cars by 2025.

“I’d recommend one to anyone, the quality of drive is just as good, if not better, than a regular car, I’d never look back.”

When on site, Dave is able to charge his vehicle outside Discovery Park House on our rapid electric charger, which is located Sandwich-bound on the Ramsgate Road.

Discovery Park is hosting an Electric Vehicle Demonstration Day from 11am-3pm on Wednesday, 10 August in The Gateway Courtyard, with TESLA, BMW, Nissan and Renault among the leading manufacturers taking part.

To find out more, read about the event here.

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